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Shared Hosting
For minial websites

On high performance server

Personal domains + Unlimited subdomains
Newest PHP, MySQL
Much more all for free

Create servers with ease

Virtual Servers

and 5 form steps...

SSD disk
IP address


Manage DNS records

DNS Records
    • dns
    • dns


SSH Keys
    Laptop SSH
    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2...
    Card SSH
    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2...

Upload key to server

Connect to server

$ ssh

Use web-console

On any virtual-server

Support board

Add ticket sand
get technical, general
and billing support


  • Enterprise SSD Raid Disks with up to 900MB/s read and write speeds
  • Enterprise HW RAID with Battery Backup Unit for maximum protection
  • High performance Intel 14nm Xeon CPUs with ECC Registered DDR4 RAM
  • 10GB/s internal network and 1GB/s connection to Georgian Internet
  • High security and isolation with Hardware Virtualized VPS running on ESXI
  • Enterprise Firewall with DDoS protection and custom firewall rules for enterprise customers

SSD VPS Pricing

  • High performance SSD cloud servers.
Dwarf Dwarf Plus Giant Giant Plus Supernova
Monthly price 30 55 80 100 Custom
Random Access Memory 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB Up to 128 GB RAM
Number of CPU Cores 1 2 3 4 Up to 16 CPU Cores
SSD Raid Disk 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB Up to 1 TB SSD Raid Disk
Public IP Addresses 1 1 1 1 Custom
Private Networks and VPN
Additional 1 TB — 5 GEL
1 TB 2 TB 3 TB 4 TB Custom Firewall Rules
Operating System
16.04 or 18.04
CentOS 7
16.04 or 18.04
CentOS 7
16.04 or 18.04
CentOS 7
16.04 or 18.04
CentOS 7
Custom OS Images
Standard Support
Enterprise Support

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  • Personalized servers
In case if none of your pre-defined plans satisfy your wants, you can ask to get calculated price for your personalized preferences
Open mailing ports upon request and additional verification


  • cPanel™ center
  • 2 domains
  • 5 GB. disk space
  • 1 TB. bandwidth / month
  • 10 WebMail™ accounts
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2"
  • MySQL / MariaDB 10.2.18 5 databases
  • Calendar / contacts
  • 10 FTP accounts
  • Git™ VCS
  • phpMyAdmin client
  • SSL/TLS certificates
  • Virus scanner
  • DNS management
  • Perl modules
  • Unlimited subdomains


  • We do not provide support services for shared hosting
  • Users are responsible for making own backups for this free service themselves
  • You can send only 10 e-mails with shared hosting mail-server
  • It is required to put 100x50 banner on your web-site

Dev-Ops As A Service

Right from assessing your current DevOps practices, setting up the automation, using the best tools for process transformation to ongoing management of the delivery pipeline, we take care of it all.

Dev-Ops Assessment

Our DevOps consulting services assess your DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, development pipeline, list down the redundant tasks and identify the right set of tools. Furthermore, we develop an assessment report outlining action points for automation, provide DevOps Quotient Scorecard and Continuous Delivery Roadmap.

Dev-Ops Automation

After auditing your existing setup and drawing the ideal workflows, we set-up & automate your continuous delivery pipeline. While automating the pipeline, we prevent risky deployment and increase productivity using our robust ecosystem of open source & licensed tools.

Dev-Ops Management

Apart from automating your processes, we help you to manage the health of your continuous delivery pipeline. We take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.


  • One-click deployments and rollback
  • Automated alerts
  • Log management
  • Infrastructure security
  • Continous process and infrastructure
  • Continous integration and development
  • Recovery from disasters
  • Performance optimization
  • Dev / QA collaboration


  • Enterprise VPS Hosting up to 128GB RAM and 16 CPU per Cloud Server
  • Dedicated Private Cloud with servers up to 40 CPU Cores and 512GB RAM
  • Business chat hosting and management
  • Business file storage and synchronization
  • Application Design and Development
  • Free Shared Hosting New!

Frequently Asked Questions

Novabyte is the only company that has latest high performance servers, type-1 virtualization and custom developed management center. Our competitors use old hardware, rely on type-2 virtualization (Cloud Linux, KVM, QEMU, OpenVZ, LC), resell shared hosting from other providers, and use hacked software that is not fine tuned to their offerings and business.

Servers are co-located in company "Cloud9" datacenters, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Novabyte is using custom developed Cloud and VPS management software developed by us.

No, Novabyte is strictly using enterprise-class, type-1 hypervisor for bare-metal virtualization. This way we can provide maximum performance and security for our customers.

Yes! We provide dedicated, bare-metal enterprise cloud servers and solutions. However, if you want to host simple website with relatively low traffic, then we offer you our free shared hosting solution. This offering has a character of charity and is completely free. We can provide a very minimal technical support for this type of service, though.

It takes one step to upgrade plan, no files will be lost. However, this is only possible when upgrading to bigger plans, otherwise there can be file loss. For this reason, we support changing to higher plans only.